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SVI ZA MAŠU - She needs your help !

Meet this young woman full of life with a serious health problem, support her and follow her on her adventures.
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Meet Maša!

This is her story:

I won't let the state of my body determinate my life!

Hey, this is Masha, maybe you know her. Maybe you've seen her rush around one of Europe's capitals. She has been in her wheelchair since she was 17, but she has firmly decided she would never be defeated by her physical state.
She works, trains, travels, goes out to concerts, mountains, festivals. She was a top student of her generation and did 3 Erasmus exchanges to different countries. She speaks a few languages and volunteers at the local volunteering association. Yes, she does more than an average person.
But lately, she had to put stop to all of her actions, plans, and pleasures. Her health is endangered by a serious wound that has to be treated urgently. But Croatian health system doesn't give adequate support, and Masha has found herself helpless, lost an disorientated in this horrible situation. She needs your help!


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Get to know the person behind the story

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All of your donations to “Svi za Mašu” will finance:


  • the preoperative treatment (the physical therapy for getting in shape for the operation, the negative compression machine, preparing the tissue by healing, and all sorts of sprays, creams, and bondages needed for prep)
  • the operation itself (getting it done professionally, safely and soon enough to prevent further damage)
  • the postoperative rehabilitation treatment (getting a two-month care and physical therapy from professionals, multiple trips to caring institutions)

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